If it’s your first time, consider coming along on 15 minutes before the class starts, so one of club’s trainers can show you the club, help you put on your bandages/wraps (to support your wrists under your boxing gloves), take you through some basic moves and so on. Newcomers tell us that they find this introduction very helpful.

If you’re not new to boxing and don’t feel you need the basics over again, just show up for the timetabled start of your chosen class.

When the session starts we’ll pair you with someone else – possibly another newcomer, possibly an old hand – for a bit of technical practice. We demonstrate some (generally fairly simple) combinations of punches, then you have a go yourself, with your partner, aiming at their gloves rather than at their body.

Once we’ve warmed up and stretched out (this takes about 15 minutes) we do what you might call a boxing circuit, in pairs, in 3-minute rounds, with a minute’s break between rounds. The circuit includes skipping, shadow boxing, sit-ups with a medicine ball, punching pads and bags – and of course sparring in the ring (optional). After about 45 minutes, when everyone is worn out and there is sweat dripping from the ceiling, we do a final burst of cardio altogether (scissor jumps, squat thrusts, press-ups, and so on) and then warm down with some final stretches.

The class runs for one hour.

For more details contact Enzo on 07956 293768 or email info@boxinglondon


If it’s your first time, come along ten minutes before any of the classes all classes are suitable for beginners or advance. One of club’s coaches will show you the boxing club, help you put on your bandages/hand wraps (to support your wrists under your boxing gloves), take you through some basic moves, and so on. Newcomers tell us that they find this introduction very helpful.

When attending you will need a pair of your own boxing gloves, boxing wraps you can purchase from reception at a cost of £6. If you wish to participate in sparring you will need a gumshield at a cost of £5 from reception. Everything else you can borrow from us.



Left Hook (Boxing London) is an approved ENGLAND BOXING gym with accredited, CRB checked coaches who have been highly trained to box and also teach the techniques of the sport at every level.

If you have past experience competing and want to compete for Left Hook (Boxing London) then all you need to do is come to one of our competitive classes and show us what you are made of.

If you’ve no experience but have the right attitude and desire to compete then come along, show us that you want to learn and we will get you ready to complete



Our One to One coaches have years of experience and will be able to meet your needs. Whether you are a complete beginner just looking to get fit or you are at a professional level looking for that little extra, we can meet your needs.

For more information or to book a One to One session please contact Enzo 07956 293 768.
One session £50 or Ten session £450

Save money on PT sessions by sharing with friends.

– You and one friend £60 per session
– You and two friends £70 per session
– You and three friends £80 per session